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S., and it is the largest known cause of female infertility.

(source) Women with PCOS often have fluid-filled sacs (cysts) in their ovaries, insulin resistance, and elevated androgen levels (male hormones).

Any dieter will tell you that dieting is hard and results are inconsistent and difficult to maintain.

Being overweight can make PCOS worse, but frequent dieting actually slows your metabolism and deprives your body of essential nutrients, contributing to further deterioration of your health.

I continued to consult doctor Google and read somewhere that gluten-sensitivity is a common unseen reason for fertility issues. I don’t remember where I read it and if it was a reliable source or not, but I was willing to try anything for a month.

PCOS treatment focuses on managing your individual concerns, such as infertility, hirsutism, acne or obesity.I figured I could use it for both naturally avoiding pregnancy (which it is NOT approved for) and for getting pregnant when we were ready.Unlike regular ovulation predictor kits, the monitor detects two hormones — estrogen and LH surge, which basically tells you a few days prior to ovulation that it’s coming soon and also tells you when you get your LH surge, which is a sign that your egg has or is about to be released. However, it’s not approved for cycles over 42 days. My second time using it, it didn’t detect any surge in any of my hormones. Around this time, I stopped running and switched to hot yoga.We also know that many women suffering from PCOS are found to have a hormone imbalance which is likely to be a contributing factor.

In particular, women with PCOS are known to have raised levels of 'male hormones' such as testosterone, Prolactin and LH, and are often deficient in SHBG – which also increases the effect of testosterone. The symptoms associated with PCOS will vary from woman to woman, and some people will also suffer more severe symptoms than others.Generally speaking though, the most common symptoms experienced by women suffering from PCOS include:- Difficulty in getting pregnant due to a lack of ovulation- Weight gain- Acne- Irregular periods- Hair loss from the head- Excessive hair growth all over the body.