Chat request from matures

25-Aug-2017 01:26

Scarlett : But I thought that Yoosung was the innocent and cute one here.

You are the cute one~ Zen: What the hell was that...

[email protected] Twitter/Instagram: @houseparty So, you know when you fix something that’s been broken and you're all proud of yourself?

I've been told I have very cat like tendencies like always landing on my feet and if I hug someone or they're my friend each day I somehow put my hand on them or if its family my head, withdraw that how they mark something as theirs and I tend to nap during sunny days.

Be active and donate generously to your clan mates while requesting troops as often as you like. BUT, we ask for specific troop levels when requesting.

Inactivity will get you booted at the end of the season.

A visitor can, for example, only see the chat button if…

- and if you're tired of nonstop warring and too much drama, then come join us! Elder promotions given for 600 troops donated in a season, Co-leader given for activity and loyalty.

We look forward to having you in our clan Hi Boxerbunnie, I'm Papi Jest from A Million Eyes, I wont leave a copy and paste message like mostly everyone does We are a tier 5 citadel with avatar.

Alternatively fill out an application at our recruitment thread.